The 5 things that have given me the greatest return in life

Four years ago, I was “advised” to withdraw from business school.

This year, after receiving my degree, I relocated myself and my business to Barcelona, Spain after traveling and working on the road in the US for a few months.

I’m now a coauthor/ghostwriter for two Amazon best-sellers and have dedicated all my time to focus on my passion: helping entrepreneurs turn their passion into a livelihood.

I’m only 22. But I can without any doubt say that these are the exact changes I made that have seriously, significantly changed the direction of my life:

1. READ. every single day. Make time no matter what. Here’s how I do it.


2. Spend no more than 20 minutes on social media per day. Delete the apps.


3. Meditate every morning (steal my playlist).


4. Exercise in some way, in some capacity.


5. Text your family + friends something nice. I made a notification to do this and my relationships have never been stronger.

Every big positive change I can linked back to one of these actions. That’s it.